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Six Ways to Boost Immunity Naturally

May 23, 20232 min read

Your immune system is incredible. It has the power to keep infection at bay so your body can function optimally. But when your immunity is down, you are vulnerable to many different threats. 

But what if we told you that there were some natural ways that you could boost your immunity and keep infections away? There are, and we are here to share some of them: 

  • Ample Sleep- Believe it or not, getting enough sleep is key to keeping your immune system strong. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is an average of 8 hours! 

  • Healthy Fats- Eating healthy fats is not only key to maintaining a health diet, but is key to ensuring optimal immune function. Healthy fats work to increase your body's immune response by decreasing inflammation. 

  • Limit Sugars- Added sugars and refined carbs can make you vulnerable to obesity, as well as increase your risk of getting sick. By reducing or limiting added sugars, you can increase your immunity. 

  • Exercise- Engaging in exercise, specifically moderate exercise, can give your immune system a much needed boost. Note, however, that you should not overdo it, as prolonged intense exercise can suppress immune function. 

  • Whole Plant Foods- Getting in a good amount of whole plant foods such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and legumes can provide your body with antioxidants to help to protect your body against harmful pathogens. 

  • IV Hydration Therapy- IV hydration therapy is the best way to fortify your immune system. Infused with essential vitamins, most notably Vitamin C, IV hydration treatment gets your body up to par so you can fight infections and illness, in the most efficient way. 

Are you ready to give IV hydration a try? 

At LIV Hydration Lounge we help you ward off infection and illness with our Hi-C Drip. Packed with a high dose of Vitamin C, our immunity booster treatment fortifies immunity when you are feeling under the weather, and works to strengthen immune function so you do not get sick in the first-place – the ideal wellness combination! Contact us to book your treatment and unleash the greatness within you!

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